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18 December 2016
Maserati Cape town Race Week 2016, #CTRW2016.
Race 4 (Day Race). Competing racing yachts
Photograph by Alec Smith/
[email protected]

Realtime Event Coverage - Fixed price based on services.

Pre-event meeting with the organiser telephonically or in/near Cape Town
One photographer at the event for agreed period
One image editor to manage quality for agreed period

Event coverage includes individually processed high-resolution JPEGs available for
download and distribution plus web-size images for sharing on Social Media etc.

Photo Services offered.

    Images relayed from location to online site within minutes of happening
    Images displayed in continuous recent loop on venue/clubhouse based screens
    Images syndicated via online worldwide news image library feed
    Images shared to selected social media

    Event plus ceremonies, including speeches, awards, entertainment etc.
    Social photos of participants, celebrities and VIP guests

Add-on services.

    Additional photographers or photographer-hours as required
    Pre-Event photo shoot
    VIP photo shoot
    On-site paper prints
    Paper prints to order
    Large canvas or art-media prints
    Photo book(s)

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Included services must be agreed and a Proposal signed off before any booking is confirmed.
Once the Proposal is accepted, further services may be added by agreement before time.
All event services are subject to standard terms and conditions as stated in the Proposal.